Welcome to ISEG!

The International Society of Environmental Geotechnology (ISEG) has evolved as a registered non-profit professional society of researchers, policymakers, educators, corporate personnel and representatives of organizations who are active or interested in the advancement and application of knowledge in the geoenvironmental sciences and engineering to the sustainable development of all regions of the world. Since 1992, the parent group of individuals and organizations has organized 15 symposia and conferences such as in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa to address critical issues that rest on the application of technical knowledge drawn from a diversity of disciplines. These events and related technical activities have drawn widespread participation, exemplified by an average of 500 participants from about 80 countries in events that have been hosted. Furthermore, the results of deliberations at some of these events have been directly put into public policies by representatives of government agencies in many countries. ISEG seeks to continue to promote scientific cooperation among countries, organizations and individuals on geoenvironmental issues.